Gabriela Herstik
Updated Nov 21, 2017 @ 2:23 pm
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Mariposa Fernandez
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Since Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico two months ago, the island has not been the same. People are still in crisis and it feels like no one is helping them. Although it will take more than one person to make a difference, we can each act like a pebble hitting water, rippling outwards until circumstances change for the better. Take Mariposa Fernandez, for example, a woman who married Puerto Rico to help save lives while emphasizing the power of performance art and activism.

Mariposa held a public wedding ceremony during which she married Puerto Rico, reaffirming her commitment to the island and its people. While this seems like it could be a stunt, the ceremony proved a poignant point — it’s up to all of us to pledge our commitment to making a difference.

But that wasn’t all. What else do weddings have? Registries! And Mariposa is using hers to get much-needed supplies — including seeds, water filters, and fans — to the island. In other words: This marriage has the possibility to actually help change people’s lives. On the Amazon registry page, Mariposa further explains her idea for the holy matrimony, saying,

If you feel like celebrating this marriage, we suggest buying something off the registry.

This is a special day, and the people of Puerto Rico really need these supplies. So what is there to lose?

We hope the happy couple has a long and prosperous marriage, and that their registry allows those affected by the hurricanes to receive some useful and love-filled gifts.