Anna Sheffer
Updated February 08, 2018

Giving birth is a life-changing moment for all of those who experience it. Many have an idea about how they want their birth experience to go, but in reality, babies don’t always follow birth plans. That was certainly the case when one Kansas woman gave birth in the hallway of a hospital. Luckily her photographer was there to document the entire journey.

Jes Hogan of Manhattan, Kansas was expecting her sixth child, when, on July 24th, after experiencing contractions for a few days, she felt an extremely long, painful contraction. She told her husband, Travis, that the baby was on its way, and the two headed to the hospital. But Hogan didn’t make it to a room before the baby arrived.

Tammy Karin, the photographer the Hogans had hired to document their birth, managed to arrive at the hospital just in time.

In the story of the birth published on Karin’s website, Little Leapling Photography, Hogan wrote that Karin rushed to the hospital’s reception desk to alert the nurses that they were having the baby. By the time the husband and wife had made it inside the hospital, Hogan wrote that she could feel the baby’s head, and she asked her husband to catch him.

Tammy Karin /

Nurses raced to help Hogan, and they guided her to the ground, where she continued to push.

Tammy Karin /

Hogan wrote that less than 25 minutes after she went into labor at home, her son, Maxwell, arrived safe and sound.

Tammy Karin /

See the rest of Karin’s remarkable photos in the video below.

Warning: The following video contains graphic content.

Seeing the photos that Karin took reminds us what an incredible feat it is to bring a human into the world — no matter if a birth is vaginal or a C-section. Congratulations to the Hogans for their baby boy and their remarkable birth story!