Extra Crispy
June 14, 2017 11:00 am
Getty Images/JamieB

It kind of seems like avocados are out to get us. After all, avocado toast is apparently keeping millennials from buying homes (OK, that’s obviously not true). But one woman apparently found something deeply unsettling in her beloved stone fruit that goes way beyond the housing market: a bullet. Redditor NicheOfLess posted an image on Reddit with the caption “My friend found a bullet in an avocado that she bought from Sprouts.” The picture has picked up over a thousand comments in just a day or two, some trying to figure out how the bullet could have ended up in this unsuspecting avocado, while others just dropping in their jokes (“Glockamole!!!”).

So how could this have happened? The bullet avocado may always be a mystery, but one Redditor Spectacularity offered their two cents: “I work in a lab that analyses, among other things, foreign objects found in food items. It’s an incredibly common occurrence.”

Courtesy of Reddit user NicheOfLess

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Spectacularity added:

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Who knew?