Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Nevada
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

During the entirety of his campaign, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has said a number of questionable things. He’s called Mexicans rapists and criminals, said he would bomb the s— out of ISIS, and has insulted war heroes. Because of his loose-lipped nature, Trump has found himself in a “say-things-then-issue-an-apology” situation far too many times.

And, it’s happened again.

The Washington Post has released an explicit video in which Trump makes lewd comments regarding women. In the 2005 conversation with television show host, Billy Bush, Trump said the following:

Even more damning than the initial video is CNN’s Erin Burnett’s statement that a friend of hers had this exact event happen to her in 2010.

That’s 2010. Not 2005.

According to Burnett, her friend, who has not been identified (and hopefully can maintain her anonymity) told her:

Following kissing her without her consent, Trump asked her to his office. Alone. Once there, she was told how special she was and given Trump’s cell phone number.

The friend of Burnett’s isn’t the first to report Trump exhibiting inappropriate behavior. In 1997, Temple Taggart, 21-year-old Miss Utah, told The New York Times that Trump kissed her on the lips without asking.

Since the initial video release, many of Trump’s supporters have pulled their endorsements.

Although his supporters have condemned Trump’s behavior, his initial statement on the matter was less than satisfactory to many.

Of course, dismissing the issue as “locker room banter” ignores the very real implications of sexual-assault. Trump later issued a video statement about the issue:

But while many continue to voice fury over the issue, it remains to be seen whether the fallout of this latest incidence of sexism and the revelations by Erin Burnett will truly affect Trump’s numbers or support.