Anna Sheffer
January 02, 2018 1:29 pm

It’s finally 2018, which means that, once again, this year is an election year. While members of Congress will be elected nationwide in November, some states will also elect governors. And one candidate is Jan Morgan, a woman who once called her gun range a “Muslim-free zone” and is running in the Arkansas governor race.

Morgan will challenge the current Arkansas governor, Asa Hutchinson, for the Republican nomination in the race. Morgan is a staunch Second Amendment advocate who owns a gun range in Hot Springs called the Gun Cave. She is a former journalist and has shared her views on the Second Amendment as a gun rights analyst on Fox News.

In an article published on her website in 2014, Morgan declared the Gun Cave a “Muslim-free zone,” stating that she views Islam as “a theocracy/terrorist organization, not a religion.” She wrote that she had read the Quran and provided a link to a Facebook note of more than 100 verses that she had used to justify her beliefs about Islam.

In her campaign video posted to YouTube on December 30th, Morgan called for small government in Arkansas and condemned Hutchinson for his taxation policy. She referred to herself a “born-again Christian” and “genetically conservative.”

Little Rock-based newspaper the Arkansas Times reported in 2015 that a college student and his father, both of South Asian descent, were turned away from Morgan’s gun range. Morgan confirmed in an interview with the Washington Post that she had turned the two away but denied that she thought they were Muslims or that their race had anything to do with it.

Morgan’s beliefs about Muslims are ignorant and dangerous. We’re outraged that anti-Muslim prejudice is still an issue in 2018 and that Morgan has used these prejudices to ban potential customers. In the face of discrimination it’s important to support Muslim organizations to combat hatred. We stand by Muslim Americans, no matter what.