Credit: Maskot/Getty Images

This week in toe-curling news: a woman in North Carolina almost lost her leg after a pedicure gone horribly wrong. According to a now-deleted Facebook post, the 35-year-old got a pedicure at a salon in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on June 22nd. She reportedly experienced chills, dizziness, and nausea the following day, and eventually called an ambulance after her leg became swollen. She initially described the salon as “grade A” and clean.

So, where did it all go wrong?

As it turns out, she had severe cellulitis, an infection that stemmed from the use of a callus cutter. Callus cutters are used to slice off dead skin on feet. At the time of the pedicure, the woman sustained two cuts from the callus cutter but didn’t think much of it. However, she didn’t know that callus cutters are actually banned in North Carolina (and in a number of other states). She unfortunately learned the tool was banned after the fact.

Thankfully, the women is recovering after two weeks in the hospital. According to Fox 17 Nashville, she’s now on a three-month cycle of medication and must wear compression socks to aid the healing process. The woman did not disclosed the exact location of the salon, but is warning patrons of future pedicures to be on the lookout for callus cutters.

We’re glad she’s recovering from this nightmare scenario. And um, we just might steer clear of pedicures for a while.