Karen Belz
Updated Mar 21, 2018 @ 9:13 am
Credit: Jessica Kourkounis / Getty Images

Winter Storm Toby has kept us on our toes the past couple days, but it’s officially safe to say that Philadelphia will need to get their plows out. And since this is the fourth nor’easter hitting the East Coast in March alone, it’s safe to say that those plows are already out and raring to go.

There are a few unique facts about Winter Storm Toby that’s making it stand out from the rest. For one, it’s in the running for one of the heaviest snow storms we’ve seen in late March ever. Second, it’s pretty rare to see a nor’easter in spring.

Weather.com claims that if Toby dumps a foot of snow in Philadelphia, it’d break the record for the biggest March snowstorm the area has ever seen.

So — are records being broken, or is Toby just mucking up everyone’s commute like a standard storm?

Philadelphia is currently under a winter storm warning until 2 a.m. ET on Thursday, March 22nd. NBC Philadelphia reports that while there was mild snowfall on Tuesday, March 20th, Wednesday’s snow will create dangerous conditions outside. They’re predicting that Philadelphia up to the Lehigh Valley will see between eight to 10 inches of heavy snow, but certain areas of the city may see even more.

NBC Philadelphia is also advising that residents stay indoors if possible, as road conditions already caused two crashes in the area, one being a tractor-trailer accident that occurred on the Turnpike. The station predicts that the weather will continue to get worse as the day progresses and that roads may become treacherous in the afternoon. As with all storms, there’s also a risk that power outages may occur.

Unless you’re planning on going sledding, residents should stay indoors if possible and enjoy (or, tolerate) Winter Storm Toby indoors.