Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Mar 20, 2018 @ 7:17 am

Well, folks, we have a name. The fourth nor’easter officially goes by Winter Storm Toby. If you can believe it, Winter Storm Toby will be the fourth nor’easter in March alone. Apparently, Winter Storm Riley, Winter Storm Quinn, and Winter Storm Skylar didn’t do enough damage. Mother Nature decided that we needed to endure one more bout of bad weather. So much for celebrating the first day of spring, huh? Here’s what we can expect from Winter Storm Toby NYC.

Just yesterday, Monday, March 19th, meteorologists weren’t sure how much snow New York City would get from the fourth nor’easter, if any at all. In fact, they weren’t even sure the storm could be classified as a nor’easter yet. But now, they have a better idea of what we’re in for. And if you’re totally over winter, well, we apologize in advance. Because it looks like Winter Storm Toby NYC — which is officially a nor’easter — is going to be pretty nasty.

According to the Weather Channel, the snow will start in NYC tonight, Tuesday, March 20th. It will continue through Wednesday and is expected to taper off by Thursday. But if meteorologists are correct, this won’t be your average snow-and-it’s-melted-by-the-next-morning storm. Nope. This time, the snow is expected to accumulate.

How much snow will NYC get?

Reports say that the NYC tri-state area could get up to 10 inches of snow or more. Whoa.

Here’s the NYC weather forecast for the next few days.

Well, Toby, I think I speak for all of us when I say: Go back to the annex.

Stay safe out there, NYC!