Karen Belz
Updated Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:21 am

If you think that New York City can’t catch a break as far as weather’s concerned, you may be right. After Winter Storms Riley and Quinn, residents are probably curious about how Winter Storm Skylar will affect New York City. That’s right — a third nor’easter may be on its way.

In general, Winter Storm Skylar is expected to mostly affect the New England area, which, as far as traveling storms go, definitely includes New York state. New England will be getting the worst of it on Tuesday, March 13th, according to The Weather Channel, with Massachusetts possibly getting a foot or more of snow. Skylar has already been affecting areas like Kentucky, where neighborhoods are reporting around nine to 12 inches of accumulated snow.

While New York City is expected to see a bit of snowfall, the numbers currently aren’t as high. As Winter Storm Skylar passes through, eastern New York is expected to see some snow starting Monday night, and New York City will likely see some flakes on Tuesday morning, with an 80% chance of precipitation.

Right now, The Weather Channel predicts the city will end up with six inches of snow or less, which is significant, but (thankfully) more manageable than what other regions may be getting.

The temperature is expected to stay in the 40s throughout the week, with partly cloudy conditions. Here’s to hoping that April will see a few brighter days — and hopefully no more storms. But if a fourth crops up, at least New York City knows how to prepare at this point.