Genelle Levy
March 06, 2018 8:25 am

After last week’s nor’easter, East Coasters are bracing themselves for more. Winter Storm Quinn is expected to bring heavy snow and strong winds to the Northeast region on Wednesday, March 7th and Thursday, March 8th.

The National Weather Service has issued a coastal flooding warning for District of Columbia’s shoreline, with Alexandria and Arlington County expecting tides to rise 1.5 to 2.5 feet. However, city residents in Washington D.C. can expect to be shielded from the majority of the storm. Short-term weather forecasts estimate the coming days to be partly cloudy with light rain and temperature highs hitting 45 degrees.

Originating from the Midwest’s Northern Plains, Winter Storm Quinn is expected to hit the majority of the Eastern region, traveling at 50 miles per hour with strong gusts of wind. The National Weather Service has issued warnings for most of New York state, as well as northeastern Pennsylvania, Boston, Hartford, and Portland, Maine.

Some East Coasters can expect up to six inches of snow, particularly along Interstate 95, while some areas may receive up to a foot. And while strong winds are to be expected, flooding shouldn’t reach the same aggressive levels as seen during Riley.

The East Coast is no stranger to snow with cities like Portland, Maine receiving nearly 62 inches every year and cities like Boston receiving nearly 44 inches yearly, and for the most part Twitter users are taking a light-hearted approach to the pending storm.

Luckily for the District of Columbia, weather will be staying pretty consistent throughout the rest of the month, with temperatures staying put in the mid 40s and partially sunny days.

So cheers to chill mid-morning walks and an extended blanket scarf season!