Olivia Harvey
Updated Feb 27, 2018 @ 4:19 pm

Vero is the #1 social networking app currently in the App Store. Many people fed up with Instagram’s jumbled algorithm are trying out Vero as an Instagram alternative. As of right now, the ad-free, chronologically ordered media sharing app is free to download. But the platform won’t stay free for long. In order to keep ads off your Vero newsfeed, the company will begin charging users a subscription fee.

The idea behind Vero was to keep the app personal to the user and free from advertisers. But in order to make the app sustainable, the company’s revenue must be earned elsewhere. That’s where we come in.

Currently, Vero is offering to waive the subscription fee to the the first one million users who download the app. But for those who don’t make the cut, you’ll have to shell out some cash in the near future. Vero CEO Ayman Hariri has yet to state how much a subscription will cost.

But many wonder if a subscription model social media app can really last when free apps, although sometimes a bit frustrating, already exist in the mainstream and are extremely popular.

But Hariri isn’t concerned about Vero’s success. He told Variety.com in a February 27th interview,

On top of glitches and bugs due to the high volume of downloads — in addition to controversy surrounding the app’s CEO — some are ditching Vero before it gains more steam. Vero may just be a fad, but time will tell for sure if the app is in fact the “new Instagram.”