Will Smith on Jimmy Fallon
Credit: The Tonight Show /

There’s nothing better than a solid sitcom jingle. Wait, we take that back — there’s nothing better than Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon singing a medley of solid sitcom jingles. Smith appeared on The Tonight Show and reminded us that not only is he a killer musician (though he hasn’t released new music since 2005), but there are oh-so-many great television theme songs in the world.

Fallon started the segment by casually asking if Smith felt like singing with him, which, of course he did. Accompanied by The Roots, the two slid into a medley that featured hits from all of our favorites, starting with The Golden Girls and The Jeffersons and continuing on with jingles from shows like Three’s Company and Martin.

And while all of that was amazing, their (clearly highly rehearsed) remix takes an even more incredible turn at the end.

Seriously…Justin Timberlake better watch out. Will Smith is coming for his “History Of” crown.

Obviously, Smith knew all the words to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but seeing him bust it out again like that? It gives us chills.

The actor has had quite the career since the show debuted in 1996 (Independence Day, Men in Black, Hitch, I Am Legend…not to mention “Welcome to Miami,” guys…and we could go on), so it’s nice to know that he’s still totally game to get back to his roots. And yes, all of these theme songs will officially be in our heads on loop for the rest of the day. Thanks, guys.