You must have heard the news by now. But just in case you haven’t, we’re here to bless you with the best thing you’ll hear all week. In the recent string of TV cancellation announcements, Brooklyn Nine-Nine didn’t make the cut — at first. The beloved show is a major fan favorite, but seemed to struggle to get the love it deserved from its network. After five glorious seasons, FOX decided to cancel it. (Along with Last Man on Earth, which is also very sad.)

Now, we already know that Twitter can get stuff done — including helping save a show from an early demise. So after Twitter went full Boyle, NBC listened to fans and saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The uproar on the internet worked. Thank you, TV gods.

It’s really rare for something so special to happen. Everyone quickly turned to Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to see if they’d save the show. But another major network listened instead. Just about 24 hours after FOX announced they would cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NBC rode in like a knight in shining armor. And now, we have a detailed explanation of why.

It turns out, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is close to the heart of NBC.

NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt explained why they chose to pick up Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Greenblatt continued, saying he believes the show’s comedy fits in better with NBC than FOX.

Thinking about relaxing while watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place in the same night is a very exciting prospect.

We are so happy NBC saw the gold and heart and diversity and love in this show and saved it. Welcome back, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.