Picture of Who is Sebastian Bear-McClard
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It’s surprise wedding season, apparently. Just about a week after Amy Schumer had a surprise wedding with Chris Fischer, actress Emily Ratajkowski married Sebastian Bear-McClard. If you thought that Schumer’s oceanfront surprise wedding sounded chill, Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard’s just out-chilled them. The two got hitched at City Hall in New York City on Friday, February 23rd. Yep, it was that chill. So now, you might be wondering: Who is Sebastian Bear-McClard?

Even if you don’t know Bear-McClard’s name, you probably know some of the movies he’s produced. Titles include the 2017 film Good Time, which stars Robert Pattinson, and 2014’s Heaven Knows What. Ratajkowski’s new hubby started a production company called Elara Pictures in 2014, which he helms along with producer Oscar Boyson and Joshua and Ben Safdie — two New York-based brothers who write, produce, and direct movies. According to Deadline, Elara Pictures will co-produce a new movie starring Jonah Hill called Uncut Gems.

Bear-McClard and Ratajkowski have had a whirlwind romance. They only just started being seen together earlier this month. The Daily Mail reported that Ratajkowski had only moved out of her ex-boyfriend Jeff Magid’s apartment “several weeks” before she and Bear-McClard got close outside an L.A. restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Apparently, the two hit it off quickly, because just nine days after V-day they became Mr. and Mrs. People confirmed that the couple had only dated for a few weeks before their New York nuptials.

Emily Ratajkowski posted a sweet picture on Instagram to mark the exciting day.

Ratajkowski wore a mustard yellow pantsuit from Zara with a black veil.

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The guest list was small, but one high-profile pal in attendance was Josh Ostrovsky, better known by his internet personality The Fat Jewish.

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He’s one of Bear-McClard’s BFFs.

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So, to recap: Who is Sebastian Bear-McClard? A rather successful celeb in his own right. Congratulations to Hollywood’s newest power couple!