Karen Fratti
February 12, 2018 5:00 pm

Javier Fernandez, 26, is going to try to win Spain’s first gold medal for figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but we have other things on our mind. Like who is Javier Fernandez dating? Sorry, ladies, he’s definitely not available as he’s been dating Japanese figure skater Miki Ando since 2014. Talk about having to set boundaries with your partner.

Miki Ando, 30, is insanely talented. She’s the 2007 and 2011 World champion, as well as the 2011 Four Continents champ and 2004 World Junior champ, and she’s won the Japanese national championship three times. She’s the first and ONLY woman in competitive ice skating who has successfully landed a quadruple jump (this happened at the 2002-03 Junior Grand Prix Final).

The figure skater has a daughter who she gave birth to in 2013. According to Japan Crush, she chose to not disclose the father’s identity. During an interview on Asahi Television in 2013, Ando stated, “I decided that I wanted to have a kid as a single woman, gave birth without complications to a baby girl in April and became a mother.” In Japan, it’s still frowned upon for single women to have children. However, Ando clearly doesn’t care about societal expectations — she’s a mom AND she’s a legendary figure skater. Deal with it. Plus, it looks like she’s no longer single.

Both Fernandez and his girlfriend are looking for gold medals this year, especially Javier. Spain hasn’t won a Winter Olympics gold medal since 1972 with skier Francisco Fernandez Ochoa, and the only other winter medal they’ve won was a bronze, also in skiing, in 1992. If anyone can bring another win home for the country, it might be Fernandez, if only because he’s so determined. He told NBC, “I’ll be just happy to be in the podium because Spain never had a medal in figure skating, so that would be making history and I would also be happy with that.”

Despite the fact that he’s a figure skater and not say, a soccer player, Fernandez is a pretty big celebrity, according to the Olympic website. Since he’s won multiple championships, and placed fourth in the Sochi games, the country’s started building more rinks and recruiting younger skaters. All because of him.

Fernandez told NBC, “We are trying to help the sport as much as we can. Of course, it’s a little hard when you are still competing and when you have to train a lot.” He added that in addition to bringing home a win for Spain, his main goal is making figure skating popular at home. By focusing on his tricks, and with Ando on the ice to challenge him, he might just get his wish this year.