Jessica Wang
Updated June 29, 2018 1:17 pm

Forget the baffling complexities of The Staircase; there’s a new thrilling documentary in town. Three Identical Strangers, otherwise known as your new favorite documentary, is garnering buzz on the heels of its June 29th theatrical release. Based on the lives of Robert Shafran, Eddy Galland, and David Kellman, Three Identical Strangers is not your average family reunion story.

Here’s how the story goes: In the 1980s, 19-year-old Robert Shafran enrolled as a freshman at Sullivan County Community College in New York. There, Shafran recalled being greeted warmly by students he didn’t know — only to learn that he was being mistaken as a student named Eddy Galland, who transferred to a community college in Long Island. Shafran and Galland meet and soon discover they’re brothers separated at birth. And wait, there’s more.

With the reunion making headlines, Queens College freshman David Kellman soon discovers that Shafran and Galland are his brothers, too. Following the revelation, the trio then make the rounds of talk show circuits. Media marveled at the glaring similarities of the triplets: they were born on the same day, had the same birthmarks and IQs, each smoked too many Marlboros, and even lost their virginities at the same age of 12.

Seemingly the feel-good story of the year, Three Identical Strangers takes a dark turn.

Without getting into too much of the details, the triplets soon discover the dark circumstances surrounding their separations. It all centers on the nature versus nurture debate. But no spoilers. Watch the Tim Wardle-directed documentary for yourselves.

So, where can you watch Three Identical Strangers?

Three Identical Strangers is released in select theaters today, June 29th in Los Angeles and New York. Unfortunately, the documentary is not yet available to stream. With its trailer available on Hulu, something tells us the streaming giant may add it to their roster some time soon. Visit the Three Identical Strangers website to find a location near you.