Good news for all Starbucks fans: The coffee chain has just announced a brand new drink, and it sounds, and looks, pretty amazing. Dubbed the Crystal Ball Frappuccino, this frozen beverage is a very aesthetically pleasing turquoise color, with candy gems on top. Now the most important question is: where to get Starbucks’s Crystal Ball Frapp?

Before you buy it, though, you might want to know exactly what you’re about to ingest. The Crystal Ball Frapp is made with a creme base and peach flavoring. Turquoise sparkles give the drink its unique color and very cool marbling effect. The Frapp is topped with peach-flavored whipped cream (honestly, that sounds like the best part) and colorful candy gems. It couldn’t get much sweeter, but hey, sometimes you need a little sugar rush in your life.

If you want to get your hands on this drink, you’re going to have to act quickly. The Crystal Ball Frappuccino is a limited-release drink, available from Thursday, March 22nd until Monday, March 26th. We weren’t kidding when we said act quickly! It’s literally only available this weekend.

As for where to get Starbucks’s Crystal Ball Frapp, this drink is available in Starbucks locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

So unfortunately, if you’re located in the U.K. or anywhere else outside North America, you’re probably going to miss out on this one — unless you feel like taking an impromptu (and expensive) trip abroad.

And if you needed one more reason to run out to Starbucks, here it is: This drink can predict your future (cue creepy music). The colored candy gems on top come in three different shades: green, blue, and purple, and each color symbolizes something different.

Green means luck, blue means you’re destined for adventure, and purple means there’s magic, wonder, and enchantment headed your way. You, as the customer, don’t get to pick your color — your barista does that for you, essentially giving you a glimpse into your future. It’s kind of exciting!

We know what we’re doing this weekend: figuring out where to get Starbucks’s Crystal Ball Frapp and picking one up immediately. It’s definitely worth a try!