Anna Sheffer
March 07, 2018 10:48 am

Even though it’s March, winter is still hanging on. After the East Coast was slammed by Winter Storm Riley less than a week ago, another storm is threatening to pummel cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia starting today, March 7th. But when will Winter Storm Quinn end?

Today and tomorrow, March 8th, will be filled with snow, high winds, and bitter cold. Flights have already been canceled, schools are closed, and residents have been warned to stay off the roads. As was the case with Riley, power outages and fallen trees are expected into March 8th.

And before the storm ends, the Northeast will rack up some serious snowfall. New York City is expected to accumulate between six and eight inches, while upstate New York could get at least a foot. Boston will get anywhere from two to 12 inches, while New Hampshire and Maine could see as much as 18 inches of snow. Philadelphia could also see up to eight inches of snow. The weather in Maryland, including Baltimore, will be a bit less severe, however.

Thankfully, Winter Storm Quinn is predicted to end by March 9th.

Just as the snow begins to taper off in the New York City Tri-State area tonight, it’s expected to pick up in Boston and the New England area at large. Southern New England will likely see the snowfall stop by the morning of the 8th, while Northern New England will experience snow throughout the day. The same day, winds will also start to die down, but they’ll linger a little longer in Maine.

With two storms back-to-back, we know it seems like this winter will never end. But hang in there, East Coasters: Sunny days are right around the corner!