When is the Shamrock Shake coming back? (Surprise inside!)

There are those who rely on Punxsutawney Phil to tell them when spring is in the air (or not). But the only sign of spring we need is the release of McDonald’s annual Shamrock Shake. When is the Shamrock Shake coming back? When is this godly drink destined to return to McDonald’s locations across America? Hold on to your lucky green hat, folks, because we have some great news. The Shamrock Shake is already here.

McDonald’s McCafé has supposedly been re-releasing the St. Patrick’s day treat sporadically throughout the month of February. According to several McCafé Twitter responses to Shamrock Shake fans, some participating locations had already begun serving the green delicacy as of February 12th. McCafé suggested calling ahead to your local chain to make sure they have it before ordering.

The Shamrock Shake is also listed on the McDonald’s website under the header “The Shamrock Shake is Back.” That’s all the confirmation we need. On that note, we’re going to say it’s officially spring. Hallelujah!

To jog your memory, the minty beverage is made with “creamy, dreamy vanilla soft serve,” as McDonald’s states on their site, Shamrock Shake syrup (the magic secret ingredient), and light whipped cream topping.

Our mouths are watering and we’re in need of some serious luck to start 2018 off right. Shamrock us, McDonald’s!

And we are green with envy for those of you who were able to order early.

Last year, McDonald’s released four chocolatey versions of the Shamrock Shake alongside the original. But it seems that this year, the fast food king has decided to stick with the classic vanilla mint. There’s no need to mess with perfection, in our opinion.

Call or drop by your local McDonald’s to see if the Shamrock Shake has arrived in your town. We hope you get lucky and are able to get your hands on the green.

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