Nicole Pomarico
Updated Mar 01, 2018 @ 11:58 am

With the huge impact Dr. Seuss has had on the lives of so many children spanning generations, it’s hard to believe that he’s no longer alive — especially since his birthday is right around the corner on March 2nd. But when and how did Dr. Seuss die? Fortunately, the legendary writer did manage to live a long life.

According to Who2, in the early ’80s, Seuss was diagnosed with oral cancer after a dentist discovered it on his tongue. Although he ended up having surgery to help prevent the cancer from spreading, a few years later, Seuss had a jaw infection that doctors were unable to cure. Then, on September 24th, 1991, Seuss died at the age of 87.

In the New York Times archives, the article that was published announcing his death hailed Seuss as the “modern Mother Goose.” It was heartbreaking — although why wouldn’t it be, considering who the world had lost?

Gene Lester/Getty Images

In the nearly 30 years that have passed since his death, it’s obvious that Harrison was right. No one will ever be like Dr. Seuss, and the proof is in how popular his work has remained even though he’s no longer living. Remember when Taylor Swift and Zac Efron voiced characters in the animated version of The Lorax? That’s real success, people. All jokes aside, though, his impact is still felt by children and adults everywhere, and there’s no doubt that’ll never change, even as the years continue to pass.

Though Dr. Seuss isn’t still with us, it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to live on through his books for years to come. What kid wouldn’t love The Cat In The Hat?