Sammy Nickalls
May 06, 2015 7:09 am

How often do you see people with disabilities on game shows? Answer: Not often enough. So when Danielle Perez, who has been in a wheelchair since 2004, was on The Price Is Right, hosted by Drew Carey, she reminded the world that wheelchair-bound people need more visibility in the media.

Just how did she do that? Twitter, friends. But first, let’s backtrack to the game show moment that’s already gone viral. After getting a highly coveted spot on the stage, Danielle was presented with the prize of a treadmill—despite the fact that she’d never be able to use it.

At first, she seemed, understandably, shocked. But then, she totally played it cool and said, “Oh my god, those are really nice!”

It was, of course, a massive slip-up on the part of the show, and we sincerely hope they start taking people with all kinds of abilities into account when they select their prizes.

Though Danielle won the treadmill, and was totally gracious about it, her REAL win came on social media when she tweeted about the whole incident with razor sharp wit.

Um, we love you Danielle.

Check out the full clip here: