name says
Credit: Fox

We here at HelloGiggles are all about personality tests (what your favorite color says about you, riddles that help determine whether you’re a psychopath…you know, the usual). Which is why we were more than intrigued to discover that you can look up your own name on and receive a bevy of information about yourself. Okay, okay—we know the “information” isn’t exactly based on anything real, but it’s still fun and addictive to read, and we have a feeling it’ll be your new favorite obsession.

Here’s an example:


(And, fyi, if you go to the actual site and click on the little audio button to hear how Emily is pronounced, you’ll simply hear “QUEEN.”)

Here’s another example:


And one more, for the road (yes, this is my name, but of course had to include it…for journalism).


And in case you were wondering, yes, there are often multiple definitions per name (and they often get progressively weirder). This is the third most-popular definition for me, for example:


Told you it got weird.

Head on over to UrbanDictionary if you want to see what your own name “means” (sorry in advance for how much time you’ll waste today doing this for yourself and then everyone you know).