Gwendolyn Purdom
Updated March 20, 2018
Screen Junkies / YouTube

Grab your retro track suit and bespoke vintage bicycle — there’s a spot-on new Honest Trailer out and it’s got director Wes Anderson down to the last artfully-crafted overhead shot of a type-written letter. The nearly seven-minute satire captures Anderson’s distinctive style in all its quirky glory. After watching it, though, even the director’s cult following of hipster fans wouldn’t be able to argue that Anderson doesn’t inject some pretty predictable patterns in his movies — sorry, in his films.

The new Honest Trailer, brought to us by the same people at Screen Junkies who delivered an epic takedown of epic takedown of mother! just a few weeks ago, delves into Anderson’s singular aesthetic and storytelling structure and doesn’t hold back, perfectly describing all nine of Anderson’s major releases as:

From 1994’s Bottle Rocket to his latest awkwardly charming movie, Isle of Dogs, Anderson seems to follow a particular roadmap, the trailer points out (roadmaps are, fittingly, one of the many details Anderson likes to fit into his projects). There are strained relationships with parents, well-planned-out missions, “a wardrobe full of dapper menswear,” and a slo-mo walk scene, in nearly every movie, among other calling cards. Anderson’s work is also problematic in some ways, as the trailer slyly alludes to, when it comes to diversity and gender equality in the storylines.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s an animated story like Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox or Isle of Dogs, or a live action film starring one of Anderson’s go-to actors (Anjelica Huston, Edward Norton, Willem Dafoe, a rotating collection of Wilson brothers, etc.), the movies all share a number of overlapping plot points and aesthetic flourishes the trailer examines in delightful detail.

For all its teasing commentary, the trailer clearly demonstrates that Anderson has established himself as a delightfully unique filmmaker, even if his movies haven’t been *quite* as one-of-a-kind.