Marie Lodi
Updated June 08, 2016 2:50 pm

With the Wifey TV web show The Dirty Word, we’ve learned why the word “vagina” makes some people uncomfortable, the sexism behind vocal fry, and even played a drinking game revolving around gender neutral pronouns. Now, host Amanda Montell is tackling the gender language topic in a different way — via The Gender Tag Project.

In the video, Amanda tries out the YouTube-based project in which people answer a series of questions relating to their experience with gender. The 10 prompts are themed around personal identity, body hair, cosmetics, money, and whether or not the person has been misgendered.

After sharing her own personal experiences, Amanda connects the topic to language, and this is when lightbulbs start going off. She points out that while she presents as feminine, she will sometimes communicate in a masculine manner, such as unconsciously lowering her pitch when in the company of males and using the word “dude.” This suggests that gender can be performed. Very interesting stuff!

Watch it below: