Picture of Donald Trump Screaming
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

Another day, another nonsensical, factually incorrect tweet from the President of the 45th president United States. On Thursday, December 28th, Donald Trump tweeted about climate change, a scientifically-proven phenomenon that his administration has gone out of its way to ignore. But the Weather Channel clapped back at Trump with an epic reply, explaining the difference between weather and climate change.

Trump’s tweet mocked global warming by calling out the record cold temperatures predicted for New Year’s Eve on the east coast. Further, he actually used the phrase, “Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming…” Sigh. But in times like these, unlikely heroes emerge to counteract falsehoods with fact. This time, that hero was the Weather Channel. TWC made good use of Twitter’s new 280-character limit in a tweet that dispelled several myths about climate change.

Though TWC didn’t actually @ Trump, they broke down all of the lies in the president’s tweet. The most important one? That “short-term cold snaps” are very much still possible even as the planet warms. Further, the tweet linked to an article on TWC reminding us that the eastern U.S. takes up less than 1 percent of the Earth’s surface. In short, look at the big picture, not the tiny sliver Trump would have you believe.

Trump’s original tweet implied that the U.S. would not pay to help fight against climate change, which is bad news for future generations.

Let’s hope everyone follows the Weather Channel on Twitter.

Basically, the Weather Channel proved what we already knew: that Trump goes unchecked by White House staffers on Twitter, who let him tweet every ignorant thought, at best, and outright lie, at worst, that pop into his head.

Keep doing you, Weather Channel. And never stop providing us with those smooth jazz jams over the weather report.