Kendall Ashley
Updated Feb 13, 2018 @ 1:13 pm

The Walking Dead has been on hiatus for what seems like forever now, especially given the intense cliffhanger that the midseason finale left us on. AMC is all too aware that Walking Dead fans are more than ready for the show to return so we can see how things resolve with THAT character (no spoilers here, don’t worry). Of course, AMC took the opportunity to capitalize on Olympic fever to get in some easy marketing hooks, reminding fans that the show is returning just as soon as the Games are over.

Mashable first dropped three quick TV spots, assuring fans that if they have zero idea what the hype about the Winter Olympics is all about, their favorite show will be on television again very soon. So if the closest you’ve ever gotten to caring about figure skating was watching I, Tonya, if you’ve never had an interest in skiing, or you just can’t understand why we get super stoked on curling every four years, these commercials offer good news.

The Walking Dead ads are all made in good fun, of course, and they do make The Walking Dead‘s return a bit more memorable than simply tossing out a date.

Mark your calendars, people: The second half of The Walking‘s eighth season will be coming to TV on Sunday, February 25th.

The midseason premiere is going to be an explosive episode with one of the most significant splits we’ve seen on the show. To give that story the amount of room it needs to play out, the episode is going to be an extra long one, running over 80 minutes.

The midseason premiere is def going to be heavy, so be sure to soak up the free-wheeling fun of the Olympics while you can, because things are going to get pretty intense come February 25th.