Sometimes, just a little act of kindness makes a huge difference in somebody’s life. That’s what 17-year-old Daniela Bossi proved when she took care of a couple’s restaurant bill last Thursday. And the reason why is making us misty-eyed.

Daniela, a senior at Notre Dame High School in New Jersey, has been working at Brother’s Pizzeria as a waitress for the past two months. She was waiting on Rick and Annette Lewallen last week. The couple rarely get to go out to eat due to Rick’s hospital bills. He’s been battling brain cancer since April, and the expenses have been piling up.

Daniela has known the family for years and went to school with their kids. Her younger sister is best friends with one of their children. She knew the pain the family had been going through, so she decided to pick up their check. And that’s not all. She gave them the bill with a note: “For putting up the biggest fight, this one is on me.”

“It was something so small,” Daniela told “I didn’t think it was any big deal. . .their family has always been there for my little sister.” It wasn’t an expensive bill, but that’s what proves that even the littlest actions matter. Rick, a normally stoic man, became emotional over the bill, Anne told . . and so did she. “It was a vote for humanity,” she said. “I’ve finally stopped crying about it.” It’s been a long road for the Lewallens. Rick was has been participating in a clinical study of experimental treatment by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, and he’s undergone rigorous chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but he’s been staying optimistic. “He’s a real positive guy,” Anne told “He still rides his bike and during the treatment he still walked eight miles a day to keep up his exercise.” But this seemingly little occurrence brightened their days and served as a reminder that amazing people exist in this world. “The world is a better place because of people like you,” Anne wrote to Daniela on her Facebook page. “We are overwhelmed with her kindness.”

By the time the couple came in to eat, Daniela had made enough in tips to cover the meal, but when she explained the situation to her bosses, they didn’t hesitate to reimburse her and told her “they were behind [her] 100 percent.” “It’s not often you hear about someone so young doing something with so much heart,” Pasquale Carannante, one of the pizzeria’s owners, told “I’m very proud.”

Since last week, Daniela’s act of kindness has gone completely viral, with the story being published in news outlets all over the world. “I am beyond thankful for all the support, loving words, and care I have been receiving from everybody,” Daniela wrote on her Facebook page. “I truly am at a loss for words.”

This story completely warms our hearts. You don’t need to have a ton of money to change someone’s life forever. . . all you need is kindness — and that’s something we all are capable of giving. Thanks, Daniela, for this beautiful story. You are amazing.

(Image via Twitter)