Toria Sheffield
Updated October 08, 2018

The world just got 1,000 times more enjoyable, because there’s officially a Voldemort-themed drag performance circulating around the internet, and it’s iconic.

A San Francisco-based drag performer named Florida Man debuted her “Lady Voldemort” act at an Ariana Grande tribute night over the weekend of October 5th. She took to the stage in full “He Who Shall Not Be Named” robes and face makeup (snake-like nose prosthetic and all) and lip synched to “Dangerous Woman”…and then dueled it out with a shirtless Harry Potter.

We could seriously describe this epic performance for days, but you honestly just need to see it (and this goes without saying, but it’s pretty much NSFW).

We told you. ICONIC.

Since being posted a mere 19 hours ago, the video has already racked up over 24 thousand likes on Twitter.

The performance was part of a regular drag show at the club OASIS. We have a feeling this won’t be the last the world sees of Lady Voldemort, and we’re not mad about it.