In the years since Paul Walker’s death, we’ve missed seeing his face light up the screen. But whatever grief we’re feeling, it doesn’t compare to what his friends are going through. Vin Diesel paid tribute to Paul Walker at the Fate of the Furious premiere in NYC, and get ready to feel all the emotions. He refers to Walker by his special nickname —”Pablo” — and his words speak to the strength of their friendship and collaboration.

via giphyThe friendship between Diesel and Walker continues to make us melt — Diesel even named his daughter Pauline as a tribute to his friend.

As wrong as it feels to experience a Fast and the Furious movie without Walker, it’s clear that the franchise has continued to build upon the foundation he created — and we can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

via giphySo much love to the Walker family, especially Paul’s daughter Meadow, who recently launched The Paul Walker Foundation to continue his legacy and desire to do good things — particularly for marine life.

Miss you, Paul. Always!