Toria Sheffield
February 14, 2018 6:10 am

Yesterday, February 13th, news broke that U.S. Olympian Emily Sweeney had a scary crash during her final run in the singles luge competition. Medics quickly stormed the course, and after a few minutes, Sweeney was able to stand and slowly walk herself to the sidelines. She was later taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

At the time, Sweeney had said, “I’m very sore, and pretty stiff. I’m going to get an X-ray on my back after this, but I wanted to have the last word. So thanks for all the support, you guys. It’s a bummer, for sure, and I know that I’m better than that. But here we are – it happens.”

Her father, Larry, told reporters, “That’s the worst crash I’ve seen my girls involved in — just the way she hit. Emily usually doesn’t let go of her sled. We’ve seen her crash. Lot of times once they get going they can still control it. There was no control on that one.”

The video of Emily Sweeney’s crash is making the rounds on the internet today, and needless to say, it’s scary to watch.

The most up-to-date report from Sweeney’s family states that she has a sprained ankle and pain in her shoulders, but she luckily does not have a concussion, according to the Hartford Courant.

We’re sure this isn’t how Emily thought the competition would go, but we hope she’s immensely proud of the fact that she made it to the Olympics in the first place (because it’s the Olympics).

We’re sending all our healing vibes Emily’s way today.