Just when we thought we’d never see Victoria Beckham shake it to the left and slam it to the right ever again, the singer-turned-fashionista just proved that her Spice Girls days are far from over. To our delight, Beckham went full Posh during a London Fashion Week afterparty, dancing to “Spice Up Your Life.”

While Beckham may have no interest in a reunion tour, she seems more than down to party to her old hits. In the epic moment, the mom of four can be seen jumping up and down on a sofa as the Spice Girls track plays and party-goers dance around her. Not only did she nail every dance move, including the double hand waves and revolving first pump, but it looks like she had so much fun.

Luckily for us fans, London DJ Siobhan Bell posted a video of the iconic moment to Instagram.

Can we just point out that Victoria Beckham dancing to “Spice Up Your Life” on a couch at her own afterparty is peak Victoria Beckham? Now excuse us while we watch this video on repeat for the rest of the day.