Jill Layton
Updated Sep 21, 2016 @ 12:29 pm
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Pugs, bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and shih-tzus are all sweet, lovable dogs who deserve to be loved just as much as the next pup. But veterinarians in Britain are urging people to stop buying them.

Because these specific breeds are known as brachycephalic dogs, and a slew of health issues are associated with their “flat faces — including eye ulcers and severe breathing problems.”

But how could people possibly stop wanting to have one of THESE cutie faces for their very own?

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Unfortunately, it’s a lot more complicated than just a cute face. Six different dog rescue organizations told the BBC that “flat-faced” dogs are showing up in record numbers.

People are likely abandoning their pets because of their health problems (which is awful and terrible and so sad). This means that more and more surgeries are needing to be conducted to clear the airways of the dogs who are brought it.

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Steve Gosling, a vet at Battersea Dogs Home, told the BBC that one of their bulldogs was suffering greatly, and desperately needed help.

Gosling is referring to the fact that the head shape of pugs and bulldogs is a completely unnatural look. It developed due to selective breeding, which occurs when certain organisms with a certain trait are intentionally breeded so their offspring will have the same trait. This is why the RSPCA is now reviewing the breed standards, which are decided by the Kennel Club.

The problems with brachycephalic dogs primarily stem from disreputable puppy farms, according to Kisko.

So to avoid so many dogs being abandoned, the best thing to do is to stop buying from puppy farms (but definitely consider rescuing the dogs who need homes).

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Ultimately, it’s important to adopt and not shop – especially when it comes to brachycephalic dogs.