Jill Layton
December 15, 2016 1:19 pm
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Bridget Jones was included on BBC’s 2016 Woman’s Hour Power List, and not everyone’s pleased about it. In fact, many people believe that Bridget Jones doesn’t deserve to be on a list of the world’s most powerful women.

As much as we love all the Bridget Jones movies, their concerns make sense.

According to the BBC Power List, the fictional character, played by Renée Zellweger, is one of the top seven women who have changed the lives of British women over the past 70 years. People see the inclusion of a fictional character among six other real-life, history-making women as problematic.

Sure, the character is a fantastic single gal leader of sorts, but should she really be compared to the likes of women who are, you know, real contributing humans?

If they wanted to include Bridget Jones, you’d think they would at least include Helen Fielding, the author who created her.

Other women on the list include: Margaret Thatcher for her contributions to the feminist movement in the ’80s; Helen Brook for being responsible for giving unmarried women access to contraception in the ’60s; Barbara Castle, a British labor party politician who led the Equal Pay Act in 1970; Jayaben Desai, a prominent leader in the strikes over poor working conditions for a factory’s female and Asian workforce; Germaine Greer, who spearheaded a revolution with her book The Female Eunuch in 1970, paving the way for modern day feminists; and Beyoncé for being, well, Beyoncé.

Among all these incredible women stands Bridget Jones, a person who isn’t even a person, but rather represents an idea of a person.

Naturally, people have taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment in the list:

So yeah, people are upset. And we totally get it.