Rachel Paige
March 15, 2018 3:43 pm

There’s some news out of the White House today, and for once it doesn’t actually involve our president tweeting something insane — so this is a nice change of pace. But it’s also kind of a bummer change of pace, as it involves a divorce. According to Page Six, and confirmed by People, Donald Trump Jr. and his wife of 12 years, Vanessa, have filed for divorce.

As Page Six reports, Vanessa filed papers for divorce Thursday, March 15th in the Manhattan Supreme Court, and filed for an “an uncontested proceeding.” That means both parties agreed on this divorce and neither is standing in the other’s way to stop it. This boils down to both Trump Jr. and Vanessa agreeing that they should divorce.

The two were married back in 2005 and have five children together. According to People, this split is coming as a surprise to many, as one source explains, “This is surprising news. They always seemed very cute together, and were a really fun couple.”

So exactly why are the two going their separate ways? Well, in a Page Six story — so take this with a grain of salt — they write that Vanessa was unhappy with her husband traveling the world so much, especially after his father (you know, Donald Trump) became president. A source told Page Six: “Vanessa is a devoted mother, but she is increasingly lonely and alone in the house with the children.” 

Not only that, but it sounds like some recent Trump Jr. tweets were a little too much for Vanessa, especially ones involving their children and gun violence in the country. A source explained: “Vanessa is by nature is a very low-key person, and she is uncomfortable with the attention her family is getting now the Trumps are on the world stage. She is also worried for her kids, particularly after she received the threatening letter containing the white powder.”

The two actually spent Valentine’s Day apart (according to the Daily Mail, so once again, grain of salt). Trump Jr. took the couple’s eldest daughter out, while Vanessa took the two oldest boys. Meanwhile, their two youngest kids stayed home and didn’t get any Valentine’s Day outing, and okay. Maybe the babysitter had candy…?

It seems, ultimately, like the increased scrutiny surrounding their family and Trump Jr.’s new front-and-center position in politics was not something Vanessa wanted. We’re wishing Vanessa and the kids privacy and comfort during this time.