Credit: Gergely Dudás / Instagram

Valentine’s Day usually evokes images of chocolates, flowers, and a romantic dinner with your bae—or, if you’re currently unattached, a fun night out with your besties. But in 2019, candlelight and long-stem roses be damned, because all we’re currently thinking about is finding a tiny heart hidden in this brainteaser that’s sweeping the internet—and distracting us all from our jobs.

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás is perhaps best known for his picture book series, the Hidden Things trilogy (available for to buy here). However, his gorgeous Instagram is full of colorful brainteasers that challenge his followers to find an object hidden within incredibly detailed illustrations. He’s previously dared us to find a panda hanging out with some snowmen, as well as Santa’s hat placed somewhere in a sea of elves. Dudás latest brainteaser features a tiny heart hanging out somewhere in a field of pink flowers.

Can YOU find the heart in this Valentine’s Day-themed picture?

We have to admit, it took us several minutes of searching to track it down. So don’t feel bad if you’re not able to spot it immediately.

Okay, *SPOILER ALERT*: The solution to the brainteaser is below:

Credit: Instagram / Gergely Dudás

If you didn’t find it, don’t worry—there are plenty of other brainteasers available on Dudás’ Instagram to keep you busy. Just, you know, don’t let your boss find out.