Sharareh Drury
Updated Apr 08, 2017 @ 9:37 am
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Would you go on a vacation with complete strangers? Despite this sounding awkward or weird, strangers can end up being the life of the party. And this story about a man who got a free vacation because of his name proves it.

A group of friends in England had planned a 30th birthday getaway to Majorca, Spain for their buddy Nathan. Things were looking pretty great until one of the friends — named Joe McGrath — canceled.

Not wanting the ticket to go to waste or pay to change details, the friends came up with a master plan.

Go on the internet. Find another person named Joe McGrath. Invite him on the vacation, and if he says yes, have a blast in Majorca with a new pal.

Enter the luckiest guy ever, Joe McGrath from Manchester

One of the friends, Dan, reached out and invited McGrath on Facebook. The ask was pretty simple: Would Joe consider going on a trip with a group of strangers if they’d already arranged everything?

McGrath, who works for a radio station in Manchester, understandably had a little doubt if this was real. But hey, YOLO, right?

McGrath says he loved every minute of the trip.

From the photos, it looks like he was meant to be with these friends all along.

McGrath’s tweet about the trip has over 26,000 likes and 6,000 retweets.

People are loving how unexpectedly amazing this trip turned out to be.

McGrath undoubtedly had a blast. But he made sure to apologize to his mum, who thought he knew the group all along.