Erin Mayer
Updated Nov 01, 2017 @ 2:34 pm
utah nurse arrest
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This is some good news! Remember the nurse in Utah who was arrested in July when she wouldn’t give police a blood sample from an unconscious patient? Well, she’s about to receive a hefty sum of cash. Alex Wubbels will get $500,000 from a settlement, according to Time, and the money will reportedly come both from Salt Lake City itself and the University of Utah. Karra Porter, Wubbels’ lawyer, confirmed the amount to CNN.

Wubbels ultimately believes that viral body camera footage of the incident likely contributed to the favorable outcome.

The video, as described by CNN, depicts Wubbels’ forceful arrest while she was at work in the hospital. The publication reports that the officer responsible was let go by the Salt Lake City police department as a result of the incident.

Some people believe she should have been awarded even more money.

Others are happy to see this resolved in her favor.

Still others have used this incident to highlight the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s good to see Wubbels get some form of justice, but it’s important to remember that for many, the outcome is quite different.

According to Time, Wubbels has a plan for the settlement money — she is going to put some of it toward “a nurse’s union [that will] help lead a campaign to stop physical and verbal abuse of nurses on the job.” Another sum will go toward helping to “fund legal help for others trying to get similar body-camera video.”