As you probably noticed, Instagram has been releasing a lot of updates lately, and while none of them address everyone’s biggest frustration with the app (bring back chronological order!), they certainly are fun to play around with. The best change in the past few weeks has to be the new fonts available in Stories — they make everything a little bit more aesthetically pleasing and add a more personal feel to what you’re posting.

However, not everyone has been able to figure out how this feature works, so if you’re wondering how to use all the new fonts on Instagram, you’re not alone.

All together, there are four new fonts, ranging from more modern styles to more dainty options. If you were perfectly content with the “classic” font option (you know, the one everyone has been using for Stories since they began), don’t worry, that’s still there, and likely won’t ever go away. But if you’re ready to try something new, you’re in luck: The fonts are easy to figure out, and once you see how to use them, you’ll wonder how you never noticed it before.

Important note: The fonts are only available while using Instagram Stories. You can’t change the font you would use for captions and comments — and honestly, we’re better off that way.

The first step in using the new fonts is to make sure your app is updated. Even if you don’t see an alert for updates on your app store, just tap into it, hit the “updates” button and check it out. Instagram should be there (unless you already updated it and forgot). If you still don’t see the below option after updating, try restarting your phone.

Once everything is updated, open up the app. Click the camera icon on the upper left hand side to get into Stories and either upload a photo or snap a photo to use. Tap on the screen to type as you normally would. At the top, in the middle, you’ll see a little tab that says “classic.” That means you’re using the classic font. If you want to change it, tap on it, and it will go to the next option.

The second option is called “modern.” It’s a simple font: a little bold, straight and kind of narrow, all capital letters. As you type, you’ll notice the font gets smaller.


The third option is “neon” (a personal favorite!). It’s a pretty script with a slight glow around it. If you change the color of the font, it resembles a neon sign — hence the name.


The fourth is “typewriter,” which is exactly what it sounds like: It looks like the font from an old-fashioned typewriter.


Lastly, there’s “strong.” It’s pretty similar to classic, just italic and a little more bold.


Got it? Now, play around with all five fonts as your heart desires. The coolest thing about them? The letters resize themselves so that everything is always perfectly aligned. It’s an aesthetics dream. Let’s hope Instagram adds more in the coming weeks.