Rachel Charlene Lewis
February 07, 2017 1:22 pm
Flickr / Benson Kua

In case you could use a little good news (um, *raises hand*), UW Marinette just opened their new LGBT center, and our hearts are so warm and fuzzy right now. Like, heck yes! As far as we’re concerned, every campus should have an LGBT center, so we’re pumped to hear this awesome news.

Despite the steps made toward LGBTQ+ rights in the last few years (like, hello, marriage equality), there’s still much to be done, especially when it comes to combatting high rates of suicide in the LGBTQ+ community, and visibility beyond cisgender, white men. And campus LGBT centers are a huge step! They help foster a sense of inclusivity, and they can be such an amazing safe space for LGBTQ+ college kids (and faculty and staff!).

 The director of the center, Amy Reddinger, told FOX 11 news,

Student Alyssa Shaffer told FOX 11 news,

We have all the feels right now because these folks are doing such hugely important work. No matter what happens with LGBTQ+ rights on the level of politics, we’re happy to see progress happening locally. Keep getting involved in your local communities and supporting organizations that help LGBTQ+ people.

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