united airlines
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Yes, it’s true. United Airlines has made yet another headline-worthy error. No, the company did not physically force a customer off a flight… again. Nor is it responsible for the death of another innocent pet. This time, United Airlines is asking for forgiveness after removing tomato juice from its in-flight menu. Um, how dare they?!

According to, earlier this month, United Airlines announced that it would stop serving the savory Mott’s beverage, along with Sprite Zero, Jim Beam, Courvoisier, and Amaretto, during flights under four hours. This decision was met with anger from United customers, who have made ordering tomato juice as much of a flying ritual as donning a neck pillow and lowering the armrest to tell the person next to you that you are not in the mood to make friends.

In lieu of tomato juice, United said it would be serving a Bloody Mary mix instead.

But Bloody Mary mix is no match for the real deal. In fact, United received so many complaints regarding its decision to nix tomato juice that it backtracked.

Via, United Airlines released the following statement on May 10th:

And United quickly responded to the masses on Twitter who were ~very vocal~ about the situation.

United Airlines continues to tread lightly to avoid kerfuffles, and we appreciate the fact that the company listened to customers this time around and did the right thing. Airplane tomato juice deserves the utmost respect.