Karen Belz
Updated Mar 16, 2018 @ 9:59 am

We’re a sucker for a happy ending. While we’re more than a little concerned about United Airlines and their treatment of animals, they admittedly did everything they could to reunite Irgo the German Shepherd with his family after he was mistakenly put on a flight to Japan instead of Kansas.

Kara Swindle and her family were moving from Oregon to Kansas, and when they went to pick up their pup they realized there had been a horrible mixup. Terrified for the safety and health of 10-year-old Irgo, Swindle took to social media to share her story. In response, United Airlines made sure that Irgo saw a veterinarian in Japan before sending him back to his family.

The company made sure to send Swindle updates and pictures, which likely helped ease her mind. After the story went viral, Swindle made sure to keep followers up-to-date on Irgo’s situation as well. “Irgo should be arriving about 7:30 pm CT at the Wichita airport,” she posted on the evening of March 15th. “He is being flown by private charter, and being treated like the king he is!”

We’re confident the Swindle family is feeling so much better after finally reuniting with Irgo. Warning: This video will make you cry.

It’s pretty obvious that Irgo missed them as well!

Between the mixup with Irgo and the fact that a French bulldog died after being forced into an overhead storage compartment by a flight attendant, United seems to be trying to improve its internal policies regarding pets.

Aside from making sure Irgo got home safe and sound, they’ve also proposed a policy change regarding pets on-board. The Los Angeles Times reports that the airline will be starting a colored tag program that will help flight attendants quickly and easily identify luggage that contains pets. The Welfare of Our Furry Friends Act has also since been introduced, which strives to make it illegal to place pets in overhead storage bins.