Molly Thomson
April 09, 2019 8:03 am

April 9th is officially National Unicorn Day, and there’s never been a better excuse to eat something pink, heavily sprinkled, and lathered with frosting. In the past few years, unicorn cakes have exploded onto the scene, making appearances at kids’ birthday parties, themed celebrations, and even the occasional wedding. And we get it: No matter what variation you put on a unicorn cake, they’re always colorful, whimsical, and yes, perfect for the ‘gram.

And since we couldn’t NOT celebrate National Unicorn Day (what are we, monsters?), we rounded up some of our all-time favorite unicorn cakes from Instagram. Warning: The cake magic below will definitely make you crave things.

This magical unicorn/Harry Potter crossover:

This unicorn profile that is just extra enough:

This expertly sculpted unicorn:

This creative stenciled take on the unicorn cake:

This colorful fondant masterpiece:

This perfect tribute to Despicable Me:

This gorgeous purple unicorn that is prettier than all of us:

This elegant and classic cake:

This “dark horse” gender reveal cake:

Then, of course, there’s the “fat unicorn” cakes:

And finally, these ‘grammable little cake pops:

Happy National Unicorn Day, everyone.

Which cake is your favorite?