Hand holding up an egg against a yellow background
Credit: LightFieldStudios, Getty Images

Fine. We’ll admit it: We’re addicted to watching those sped-up “life hack” videos that are all over our Instagram feed. You know the ones we’re talking about. They show us how to fold decorative towel animals, make paint brushes with our own hair, and wear one shirt 25 ways. Will we ever actually use any of these hacks? No. But we can’t stop watching them.

The latest life hack to go viral? An egg video that shows you how to turn a regular egg into a rubber toy over the course of three days. If you haven’t seen it on Twitter, it’s only a matter of time until it pops up. Twitter user @chipspopandabar posted the video on July 25th, and the internet is having a fit.

What is the purpose of this video? Why must we ever need to make an egg “bigger than before?” Who thought “Now this is the content people need to see” and put it out there?

First, we must address the elephant in the room. The catchphrase “bigger than before” is going to send us to an early grave.


Second, why did we need to make the egg blue on the third day? Is this the final phase of some prophecy that must be fulfilled? false

Sorry. We shouldn’t have asked.

And finally, the fact that this craft takes three days rather than five minutes is too much for us to unpack.


We certainly weren’t searching the web for a way to make an egg bigger than before. But now that we have the tutorial, you bet your sweet scramble we’re about to supersize all of our eggs.

As NY Mag points out, the video is technically filed under “Crazy Home Science Trick” in 5-Minute Craft’s repertoire. So if you want to make the eggs in your refrigerator bigger than before, here’s your perfect weekend project.