The blunt bangs, the long hair, the inkling of a red lip...? Very interesting.

Olivia Harvey
Nov 20, 2020 @ 11:34 am
Credit: JB Lacroix / Contributor, Getty Images

Nothing about Taylor Swift is straightforward, and that's what fans love about her. The Folklore artist knows a thing or two about dropping hints, which is exactly why her super fans believe she may have given them an Easter egg in the form of a new hairdo. Yes, seriously.

After Swift uploaded her acceptance speech for Songwriter of the Year from the Apple Music Awards on Wednesday, November 18th, fans on Twitter could not help but notice her blunt bangs and long locks were very reminiscent of the hair she sported during her 2012 Red era.

"My songwriting and the ways that fans respond to the songs I write, and the, kind of, dialogue back and forth, and that...emotional exchange, is what I feel like has really kept me going this year," Swift said in the video while slightly smirking. Could that "dialogue back and forth" be happening right this minute?

Immediately fans caught on to the potential sign that Swift may be rerecording a music video from her Red album. As of this month, Swift is contractually free to rerecord the songs and videos she made while under the Big Machine Label Group, which held the rights to her entire collection of masters.

Just this week, Big Machine's current owner Scooter Braun sold all of Swift's early masters to a private equity firm, yet under this new agreement, he still receives a payout when her music is licensed for use or streamed online.

Swift's hope is that if she rerecords all her music and the corresponding videos, she can divert some of that money away from those who are unethically holding her intellectual property hostage.

Swift loves Easter eggs so much so that she even littered a bunch of them related to Folklore throughout a 30-second Capital One commercial. An hourglass, a jar full of pennies, a peace sign, pointe shoes, and yes, of course, cardigans.

So, could we have caught Swift just after she filmed something for a new Red-related project? Perhaps. Can we expect more Easter eggs about her rerecording process in the very near future? Aboslutely.