Olivia Harvey
Updated January 15, 2019

This real-life reality show we’re living in keeps getting weirder. On Monday, January 14th, President Trump hosted the Clemson University football team at the White House. He intended to treat the College Football Playoff National Champs to a stately dinner. But the government shutdown has left the White House understaffed, and Trump could not provide the usual fare. Instead, he ordered and “personally paid for” 300 fast food hamburgers and called it a day.

McDonald’s Big Macs, Wendy’s salads, Burger King sandwiches, and “many, many french fries” lined the White House dining tables last night. “Great American food,” President Trump called it before, once again, blaming the shutdown on Democrats and plugging “border security.” It’s no secret that President Trump loves his fast food—specifically McDonald’s Fillet ‘O Fish. However, this latest stint has caused the internet to finally dub him, “President McDonald Trump.”


Honestly, how could Twitter not have a heyday with this? false


And now a word from our sponsors—or, maybe not.

According to Trump, the Clemson football players are “great guys and big eaters,” and the food was gone within an hour. Hopefully that fast food smell didn’t haunt White House staff (or tarnish Michelle Obama’s healthy eating legacy) for too long. false

We’re saddened to think that we may never look at fast food the same way again—or the White House, for that matter, too.