Karen Fratti
Updated Nov 16, 2017 @ 4:24 pm

There are few things more frustrating than when technology doesn’t work. Mainly because our phones and computers are our entry points to the rest of the world, so when they break, it’s a big deal. For this reason alone, we totally get why Twitter lost it over the AT&T service outage that began the evening of Wednesday, November 15th, and went into Thursday, November 16th.

Although we tend to think that we *only* text or use apps anymore, we still make and receive phone calls on occasion— and given that we don’t make them often, it means that when we do dial someone’s phone number, we probably really want to talk.

Cue the frustration. According to AT&T, they were aware of the problem almost immediately and have been “diligently” working to resolve it. Customers reported that all of their outgoing calls were showing up as disconnected and that incoming calls would go directly to voicemail without the phone even ringing. As a fix, the service provider has been telling users to restart their phones a few times and then try to make a call. On social media, some customers said the fix worked, while others reported that they still weren’t able to connect.

Obviously, that was not OK for most people.

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Some were really upset.




Wouldn’t you be mad, too?

As you can gather by most of the complaints, one of the worst things about the outage is that customers have no idea what’s causing the problem, nor have they given a time frame for when it will be fixed. Because being left to wonder when you can use your phone again is a certain kind of hell.