Nicole Pomarico
Updated Jan 02, 2019 @ 9:09 am

Bad news, everyone: Once again, the downside of technology has reared its ugly head. You know that Twinning app everyone was using over the holidays to find their celebrity doppelgänger? It’s been sharing your pics without your permission.

According to TechCrunch, Popsugar’s Twinning app, which “analyzes a selfie or uploaded photo, compares it to a massive database of celebrity photos to find matches, and finally gives you a ‘twinning percentage’ for your top five look-alikes,” according to Popsugar, made it really easy for anyone to get their hands on your selfies. The tech site discovered that the photos were being stored in an Amazon Web Services storage bucket, and by finding the link in the code for Twinning’s website, TechCrunch was able to see a stream of selfies being uploaded in real time.

TechCrunch also revealed that the selfies were easily available for anyone to download, even if you chose not to share your results on social media, and that some of them were even searchable on Google. Yikes!

The site also added that Popsugar has since changed the permissions for who can view the photos that are stored, and that engineering VP Mike Patnode said that “the bucket permissions weren’t set up correctly.”

As fun as it is to find out which celebs are your doppelgängers, this is just one of the risks that can happen when you use a new app—but we don’t blame you if you’re pissed about this. It’s never fun to experience a data breach, even if it’s relatively minor. false

Let’s just hope that this is the worst thing that comes from the Twinning app—you know, other than finding out that you don’t look like Beyonce after all.