Tully Charlize Theron
Credit: Focus

Diablo Cody is known for her authentic storytelling and her engaging characters. And in her latest film, Tully, Cody explores motherhood and the challenges that every mom knows all too well. But true to Diablo Cody form, Tully looks like a movie tells a real, relatable story — while also being truly hilarious and fun to watch.

The film reunites Charlize Theron with Cody and director Jason Reitman, who worked together on Young Adult, and we’re so excited to see these three brilliant creators back at it again. In Tully, Theron plays Marlo, a mom of three kids (including one newborn) who is feeling quite overwhelmed by the challenges and demands of motherhood. When Marlo’s brother pays for her to have a nanny (named Tully) to help around the house, the two women form an unlikely bond, with the young, free-spirited nanny ultimately helping Marlo gain some perspective on her life and feel a bit of freedom.

The latest trailer has us really excited for Tully, as it seems to show motherhood in a way few films do.

We see the toll that motherhood can take on a person, the way that kids change the relationship with your partner, and the way that your physical body changes after having a kid. Seriously, Theron is shown with a realistic postpartum body onscreen, and even though the moment is meant as a goof (her kid asks, “What’s wrong with your body?” when she takes off her shirt at the dinner table), it’s so great to see some representation.

From the looks of the trailer, Tully will be the story of a woman rediscovering who she truly is and what she really wants out of life.

It’s a movie that shines a light on how motherhood can change a woman, and the actual challenges and awesome stuff parents face every day while also touching on the idea that a woman “loses herself” when she becomes a mom. We can’t wait to see this real, raw, authentic look at motherhood when it arrives in theaters on April 20th.