Anna Sheffer
Updated May 22, 2019 @ 10:46 am

Amid the many states passing restrictive abortion laws, there is some good news for reproductive rights: Nevada is close to decriminalizing the procedure.

The Reno Gazette Journal reports that yesterday, May 21st, the Nevada Assembly voted to pass the Trust Nevada Women Act, which would remove criminal punishments for self-performed abortions. The final tally of votes was 27-13. Per the Gazette Journal, the state Senate now has to agree on an amendment to the bill. After that, the act will go to Governor Steve Sisolak for approval. The New York Times notes that Sisolak is expected to sign it, so there is a good chance this bill will become law.

The Trust Nevada Women Act will also change the way doctors interact with pregnant patients. According to the Associated Press, the bill removes requirements that doctors tell patients seeking abortions about the “emotional implications” of the procedure and ask for their marital status.

Reno-based NBC affiliate KRNV reports that state Senator Yvanna Cancela sponsored the bill.

She addressed pro-choice demonstrators at the Nevada statehouse yesterday, calling the state a “shining beacon” for women’s rights.

In February, Nevada became the first state to have a female-majority legislature. On the other hand, ABC News notes that Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio—states that have pushed draconian abortion legislation—have very few women in their lawmaking bodies.

It’s encouraging to see some states taking action to protect reproductive rights. But many, many others are still challenging abortion. If you want to take action in your state, call your elected officials or donate to an organization that fights for reproductive rights.