Candidates Tim Kaine And Mike Pence Hold The Vice Presidential Debate
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As if this election season wasn’t already ~messy~ enough, there’s even more messiness to behold. By now, you probably know that Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, is actually causing a pretty good amount of drama on her own. She’s even straight up left interviews. And now she’s in new hot water thanks to her comments about Trump and voter fraud at last night’s final presidential debate.

According to Business Insider, Conway tried (and failed) to back Trump’s claims about a “rigged” election and voter fraud being an issue.

She continued,

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Things got heated when she tried to compare the current election to what happened with Bush and Gore in 2000 where there was a recount in Florida. People were quick to point out that what she was saying was some serious BS.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was *not* having it. He called Trump’s campaign manager out, saying,

He elaborated,

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Like, how much drama can we handle in this election, you guys? Apparently, a whole lot more.